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Ninou is the brand that certifies the articles manufactured by the company CRISTALLS DE LLUÍS ROCA SL

Since 1952 we have been creating and producing glass pieces for leading brands of jewelery, costume jewelery and accessories. If the client wishes, we can offer the ninou guarantee logo to be included in your catalogs, packaging, flyers, web, ... For articles that have pieces produced by CRISTALLS DE LLUÍS ROCA SL, to request it, contact us by calling our offices.

Lluis Roca

Accreditation of production

The process of the pieces is always artisan.
There is no piece made with automatic production.
Behind the elaboration of each piece there is always a craftsman. < br> We are registered as artisans with the number 13667 in the Catalan Chamber-Consortium of Crafts and Fashion.
All the pieces come out of our workshops, that is to say, manufactured to the ce
There is no process or manipulation by hand of children's work
The production is carried out in the facilities of our workshops, approved by the department of industry and labor and the certifications of the Mataró city council.
We contribute to the conscious recycling of waste through the program of clean points of the Mataró City Council.
We collaborate with entities, universities and associations of the trade union for training, research and dissemination.

Certification of the glass

We have the accreditation of manufacturers and the handling and transformation of murano glass
The certification of the origin of the effetre de murano factory.
The certification of The glass that we use is within the current norms of ecological glass.
Lead is used in the manufacture of no murano glass, it is always fused with quartz.
As glassmakers, in the case that we have to serve another type of glass for special works, we communicate it to the client and the ninou certification is not given.

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