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Murano glass balls

The balls section is informative, they are pieces adapted to each client and on request. They are intended for stores or wholesalers with minimum production depending on the model.

They are manufactured in many shapes, finishes and sizes for the assembly of costume jewelery, jewelery and accessories, classic and exclusive shapes with drills of different sizes according to the needs of each client.

Smooth, baroque, deformed, bent with silver, gold, millefiori, copper and with different finishes, gloss, matte, etc.

For more information about these products please contact us through our phone.

We know how to create murano glass balls always meet customer expectations. Every Murano glass ball adds personality and elegance to the rest of the garment. We create each murano glass ball with different types of color, designs, and details to remind you that they were made at Lluís Roca. We offer you from the simplest to the most elaborate designs. Are you in? Your ideas, our experience.Visit us!


Other products

We are wholesalers of products made with murano glass, from beads, balls and cabochons to teardrops and pearl cores.

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