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Fusing of murano glass

Fusing is the joining of pieces of glass at high temperature in a furnace and in order to carry it out, said temperature ranges between 700 ° C (1,292 ° F) and 820 ° C (1,510 ° F). This temperature variation depends on the degree of fusion that we want to give the pieces.

We use the lowest temperatures to join different pieces of glass, but after fusion they still retain their individual shapes. On the other hand, the higher temperatures will make the original pieces completely melt together.

We know every step and how to manage fusing murano glass, to get that finish and the forms you want. Our employees go through every step of the process to ensure that you get the fusing murano glass you're looking for. We have the experience and results to prove it. Visit Lluís Roca: we make that fusing murano glass for you, made by professionals!


Other products

We are wholesalers of products made with murano glass, from beads, balls and cabochons to teardrops and pearl cores.

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