Sale of millefiori murano

Millefioris is one of the glasses that is most identified with the image of Murano glass. In different sizes and drawings, it is one of the products that offers the possibility of making pieces personalized with a recognized quality in different fields of glass work, such as costume jewelery, jewelry, accessories or gifts to name a few.

Within the wide variety of colors, in the measurements of 6mm - 8mm -10mm - 12mm, we have made a selection of colors and motifs that are more widely accepted in our market. Other sizes such as 2/3 - 4/5 come in mixed colors.

>Millefiori murano is the most popular and most characterized way to work with murano. Millefiori is the most unique way to create and play around to obtain beautiful forms. Millefiori murano incorporates fusing and pearly elements, and it is frequently used in jewelry, vessels, necklaces, lamps, and glasses. At Lluís Roca, we work for and with you. Our team is trained in making great murano pieces, and millefiori is in too!
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