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Lluís Roca specialists in murano glass. Wholesalers of beads, balls, cabochons, fusing, tears and cores for pearls.

The tradition of glass art in Catalonia dates back to centuries past, reaching its splendor in the 16th century when pieces comparable to Murano models of the time were made.

It was approximately during this period that the city of Mataró became an important school and manufacturer of Catalan glass. In one of these artisan companies, it is where the Estrems family begins its tradition in the world of glass and that it arrives to this day.

For more than 100 years


The first glassmaker of the family that we have evidence of is Pere Estrems, who worked in one of the city's glass furnaces towards the end of the 19th century, where BLOWN GLASS WORKS AND THE SPINNING of the same. His sons Josep and Francisco Estrems, followed the tradition of Blown Glass working in the Cristalleries of Mataró. They were golden years for the glass industry in our city. The manufacture of thermometers, light bulbs , household utensils, etc .. Mataró became a privileged place for the training of glassmakers. At that time many workshops arose with small ovens and torches for the manufacture of beads, aimed at the pearl and jewelry industry. The current company Cristalls de Luís Roca sl had its origin in one of those small workshops located at the back of the family home (1952) where cabochons and beads for costume jewelery were made. r began his management in the hands of Pere Estrems (son of Josep Estrems). Pere Estrems' professional football career diverted this management to his daughter, who assumed it until the early 1970s, when her husband, Lluís Roca, took over from the workshop. Lluís Roca, who came from the metallurgical industry, wanted to try in the world of glass, staying permanently.


During the 80s and 90s the workshop became Manipulado del Cristal Luís Roca, specializing in the field of pearls and Murano glass. The experience of five decades together to the day-to-day innovations of the company, makes Critalls de Lluís Roca sl, a company with constant novelties in its product portfolio.Today the company has become Cristalls de Lluís Roca sl, led by a new generation of the family, their children Montserrat and Lluís Roca, dedicating their work to the manufacture of pieces for costume jewelery, jewelery and accessories for wholesalers. The main base of our pieces is Murano Glass. The work of torch, diesel furnace and fusing are the techniques for the elaboration of exclusive pieces destined to clients who seek exclusivity in their assemblies. The future generation also wants to maintain the stained glass tradition.

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