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Lluís Roca research and development in murano glass. Research, design and manufacture of collections

We carry out complete collections of jewelry and decoration pieces. We dedicate ourselves from the design and the idea, to the manufacture of the piece. We carry out collections of jewelry, lamps, decorative objects , movie props, etc.

Lluis Roca


Our way of working goes beyond a process. We do investigation and development for every murano glass design we create. We produce results, and we can do more than just a simple finish. Our service covers the investigation and development of complete collections for brands or individual clients.Murano glass requires specific temperatures, maintenance, and techniques that are only possible with adequate investigation and development. The main reason for us is to design something beautiful and useful. Investigation and development help us choose the best materials, colors, processes... We conduct investigation and development in order to create a high-quality product for you.

Investigation and development can take time, but it is an investment to please you, our client, and a reason to work. At Lluís Roca, our goal is always the same: to distinguish ourselves in the very best way. Murano glass is our specialty and for that reason, we investigate and develop every new option and we use the cutting edge technology to understand and accomplish your requests.



Trust your projects in our hands and you will get ideal results. With impeccable disposition, investigation and development of what you really want in murano glass. We design your collection, combining our knowledge and management of murano glass with your preferences. We’ll achieve what you want by conducting a great investigation and development because we’re experts. At Lluís Roca, we create solutions.

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